The Apartments

Your airy, beach apartment has one bedroom with one bed in it. There are hammock hooks everywhere – enough to hang 7 hammocks! In the Yucatan, Mexican tourists often bring their own beds and so can you. We need to keep the property safe and secure, but each apartment can accommodate more than two people (Yucatan style of course). Just let us know how many people you have in your party, and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate you!

We started renovating this property when we arrived in Mexico in the summer of 2014. We love it and we work for constant, subtle improvements to make our guests more comfortable.

We can walk to the beach in about 30 seconds, and it takes us less than 5 minutes to restock our needed food necessities (milk, cheese, drinks, snacks) at the local, family owned store. If you are looking for a real, honest, simple experience in Mexico surrounded by good people, you will find it here. We live among the locals. We are locals.

This is a family home (we have 2 kids). We understand and encourage guests to relax and make themselves comfortable with the understanding that they will be respectful of others. This includes limiting noises at night.

Ask us about your pet please. We have a dog (as most people in Mexico do). Please let us know about your pet ahead of time and work with us to determine if this is the right space for your animal friend.

Smoking should be outside, away from other guests. Mexico is a different country, and we thank you for respecting current attitudes regarding smoking.