It’s easy to get to our apartments in Chelem!

From Merida:
Take a main road north towards Progreso. There are a couple main roads leading north, depending on where you are, so ask someone around for the way to Progreso. And don’t be worried – there are lots of signs pointing the way to Progreso.

Once you are on the main highway (it’s very nice with multiple lanes), go north for about 20 minutes. Before you get to Progreso, you will see a sign to exit to the right for Chelem/Chuburrna/Yucalpeten (some variation of these – they all lead in the direction you want to go, it’s just that the signs are not consistent).
Take this exit and you will now be going on a 2 lane road, through manglars.

In about 5 minutes you will get to some bridges that take you over the inner coastal river and the mouth out to the sea. You will see a HUGE bridge off to your right, near the boat marina. Keep going till you get to the glorietta (roundabout). You will go left (west) at the glorietta. Now you are traveling along the coast, with beach homes on each side.

Another 5 minutes will bring you to Chelem. Go through town, following the paved road till the baseball field (campo de beisball). Just before the field, the paved road goes left. You should turn right, onto a sand road (also an entrance road to the beach). We are on the right, on the corner. We have the restaurant on the corner as well, El Bull Pen.

Park anywhere on the street. There’s lots of parking available and it’s very safe. We leave our car out when we are too lazy to park inside. No worries. The entrance to the apartments is just to the left of the “garage.” Reach through the garage door to ring the bell on the wall inside.

(If you miss the Chelem exit and get to Progreso, just find a street that will take you west/left (the sea should be on your right) and you can get to Chelem that way as well (you would go over a HUGE bridge this way).